Ripple Rock Restoration DKI in Campbell River safely removes Asbestos containing materials from homes and commercial buildings in Campbell River, the Comox Valley (250-897-6060) and communities on Northern and Central Vancouver Island and adjoining islands including remote access communities.

Asbestos containing materials were banned for use in residential homes in 1977, after asbestos was found to be cancer-causing. Building contractors were given a “grace” period until 1983. Asbestos can commonly be found in vinyl composite tile, vinyl sheet goods, linoleum, drywall-filler compound, ducting sealant tape, pipe insulation, and standard housing insulation. In fact, a bulk sample of drywall filler taken in the Lower Mainland as late as 1991 was still found to be asbestos-containing. As such, it is not uncommon to come across asbestos containing material while performing restoration work on your home or commercial building on Vancouver Island.

Professional Asbestos Removal
At Ripple Rock Restorations DKI in Campbell River all of our staff members are trained in High Risk asbestos abatement. We set up poly containment chambers, and control the workspace with negative air engineering. We work in conjunction with WorkSafe BC and we have an Industrial Hygienist perform daily air sampling to ensure no fibres are released into the atmosphere, while we safely remove the asbestos containing material.

You saved my night!

Nominated “Heroes” in our local paper by one pleased client: To Ripple Rock Restorations and Renovations for rescuing me in a flooded dilemma, on a Friday night no less. We had just returned from holidays a few days prior to this most scary event and were absolutely stunned to find my basement flooded no idea of where the water was coming in but knew it was rising. Ripple Rock did not hesitate to say “we’ll have someone there within the hour” and so Bobby, your Friday night took on a whole new meaning….apologies for spoiling your night but you all certainly saved mine. Very grateful to you all.