When a disaster strikes your home or business your belongings and equipment are often damaged as well. Leaving the damaged contents in place makes it difficult for the technicians to deal with the damage to the building. Ripple Rock Restorations DKI in Campbell River and Courtenay offers a professional and efficient pack out service. We have our own crew of professional inventory and pack out employees to ensure that nothing gets lost or damaged further. With an 8000 sq ft warehouse as well as on-site storage trailers, Ripple Rock Restorations is able to clean and store your contents in a safe, dry location until your home or business is restored.

Your Belongings Will Be Clean, Dry and Secure

In the Contents Restoration Division, Ripple Rock Restorations DKI in Campbell River and Courtenay have several Fire and Smoke Damage Technicians and Water Damage Technicians and all are trained in Pack Out and Inventory. With the aid of the Ultrasonic system (see below) we are able to clean and restore many items that are damaged by water, mould, odour and fire in a cost effective manner. In its Campbell River location Ripple Rock Restorations has a drying room, an deodorizing room and an in-house laundry facility all run by highly trained individuals who make every effort to restore your damaged contents. 

If every effort that is made to restore an item fails, we compile a full inventory for replacement purposes. If an item is deemed non restorable, the ultimate decision is left up to the owner. We work closely with our clients in an effort to make a stressful situation more manageable.

A word about Ultrasonic Systems…

The Ultrasonic system makes it possible to restore many more damaged items than ever before. The Ultrasonic system can restore a variety of standard and delicate household items, especially hard surface items such as crystal, china, ceramics, ornaments, jewellery, glass and porcelains, etc. Ultasonic is ideally suited for safely cleaning electronic components, computers, electrical tools and appliances as well as light fixtures such as chandeliers.

In addition to removing smoke residues and carbons, ultrasonic has proven to be extremely effective in restoring water damaged items. Contamination such as mould, heat scale and oxides are easily addressed using the ultrasonic process. Metal parts that have acquired rust as a result of water damage can be addressed as well.

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The Ripple Rock Cleaning Crew

Ripple Rock Restorations DKI in Campbell River also serves Courtenay and Comox in the Comox Valley, North and Central Vancouver Island including adjacent islands and remote communities.


Continually dealt with the sometimes difficult situation

Dear Bobby, We appreciated, as always, your prompt response to our problem. You, and all other personnel involved in the cleanup and repairs, continually dealt with the sometimes difficult situation (or individual), in a professional and timely manner. Again, our thanks for a job well done. Sincerely

Strata Council