Sent to an insurance adjuster: We would like to let you know that we have been very impressed with how well everything has happened working with Ripple Rock Restorations! Jonathan, the project manager, was great in getting back to any questions we had via email or phone, all of the workers were very polite and pleasant to have in our home, the office staff were very accommodating in letting us know when workers were coming so that we could put our dog somewhere else while they were working if we had to be out of the home. This was our first home insurance claim ever and the whole process has been smooth and virtually stress free for us! We would like to extend our thanks to you in providing us with such an outstanding local company to do the work in our home! We will definitely recommend Ripple Rock Restorations to our friends and family.
—Don and Heather



Nominated “Heroes” in our local paper by one pleased client: To Ripple Rock Restorations and Renovations for rescuing me in a flooded dilemma, on a Friday night no less. We had just returned from holidays a few days prior to this most scary event and were absolutely stunned to find my basement flooded no idea of where the water was coming in but knew it was rising. Ripple Rock did not hesitate to say “we’ll have someone there within the hour” and so Bobby, your Friday night took on a whole new meaning....apologies for spoiling your night but you all certainly saved mine. Very grateful to you all.
— Marilyn

To Ripple Rock Restorations, Thanks so much for all your help and salvaging all that you could. We’re sorry for all the work we caused you but thank you for helping us to put our lives back together and for being so kind about it. Take care,
— The Jackson Family

To the wonderful people at Ripple Rock, Thank you for your compassion and support during this difficult time. Thank you for doing what you do. Only special people can do this type of work. Many thanks!
— Becky

Dear Staff of Ripple Rock, We have two thank yous for Ripple Rock Restorations. One is for your team of Superhero Flood Emergency people led by Jonathan Brophy. Every one of them was kind, thoughtful, decisive and efficient. A Huge thank you to Jonathan for making it EASY for me to put our computer back together by the way he disassembled it. Two is for your team of Restoration people who restored our home with a high standard of craftsmanship. They did an excellent job and were a pleasure to work with.
— Larry and Geraldine

To the Crew at Ripple Rock, Thanks for a great job on restoring our home.
— Mary and Wayne

Dear Bobby, We appreciated, as always, your prompt response to our problem. You, and all other personnel involved in the cleanup and repairs, continually dealt with the sometimes difficult situation (or individual), in a professional and timely manner. Again, our thanks for a job well done. Sincerely yours,
— Strata Council

I would like to thank you good folks for the excellent service I received with the help during my flooring renovation. I can't tell you how pleased I was with the professional and prompt assistance I was provided. It was, in fact, a pleasure to have your team helping me out during a very stressful time. -Sharon
— Sharon

Ripple Rock Restorations Staff, Many, many, many thanks for your prompt response to our flooded basement and the resulting water damage from our hot water tank. You are all so professional and courteous. We thought our basement resembled a factory "work in progress" in a science fiction movie set for the next four days! and now all back in order! Thanks again to "our heros" -Leila and Keith
— Keith

Thanks again for your quick work and accommodating attitude! I think that the way you guys treat customers is 1st rate. Almost every job must be a panic emergency to the home owner, and you guys still keep an awesome attitude. Thanks again. -Brian
— Brian

Roses sent to Dave in our local paper: A water can full of roses to Dave at Ripple Rock Restorations. We had a flood in our home via roof leaking and were devastated at what the damage may have been. I called him and he was here within half an hour. What a wonderful, caring, helpful man. He checked our house to assess the damage and offered his knowledge on how to dry and repair our home. Dave you are a true professional, and came to our aid because you care, even though we could do the repair ourselves you gave us direction, advice and peace of mind. Wish there was more business folk like you....Many thanks. -Hi and Dry
— Roses