Unfortunately traumatic or violent events do occur and these can be extremely emotionally taxing. Blood and body matter may contain harmful blood borne pathogens and should be treated as bio-hazardous material.

At Ripple Rock Restoration in Campbell River and the Comox Valley, our trained cleaners can help in the event of a trauma or crime scene and ensure that the area affected is safely and properly decontaminated. In the event of a death, we also have the specialized equipment needed to remove the odours associated with body decomposition.

Confidential, Sensitive Crime Scene Cleanup
During a trauma or crime scene cleanup our professionally trained damage restoration staff will ensure your privacy and dignity every step of the way and will aid in any way possible to help you through this difficult process.

Ripple Rock Restorations in Campbell River also serves Courtenay, Comox in the Comox Valley, North and Central Vancouver Island including adjacent islands and remote communities.

You saved my night!

Nominated “Heroes” in our local paper by one pleased client: To Ripple Rock Restorations and Renovations for rescuing me in a flooded dilemma, on a Friday night no less. We had just returned from holidays a few days prior to this most scary event and were absolutely stunned to find my basement flooded no idea of where the water was coming in but knew it was rising. Ripple Rock did not hesitate to say “we’ll have someone there within the hour” and so Bobby, your Friday night took on a whole new meaning….apologies for spoiling your night but you all certainly saved mine. Very grateful to you all.