Wind and storm damage can be sudden and destructive. Wind can damage your roof, allowing rainwater into your attic insulation, drywall ceilings and walls. Wind can also damage your siding, knock over fences and railings. Waterfront properties in Campbell River and the Comox Valley and along the east coast of Vancouver Island are especially prone to damage from South Easterly storms carrying strong winds that have the potential to cause structural damage to homes and businesses.

Ripple Rock Restorations DKI in Campbell River and Courtenay our professional restoration team will respond immediately to tarp off your roof to prevent any further damage to your home and make your home safe, until proper repairs can take place. We also remove trees and branches off your roof and any other affected structures.

Ripple Rock Restorations DKI offers service to Campbell River, Courtenay and Comox in the Comox Valley, North and Central Vancouver Island.

You and your crew went beyond the call of duty!

Thank you to Bobby for helping us out with our renovation project. You and your crew went beyond the call of duty!